3 Romanian brands I admire

Numerous Romanian brands have come to my attention in the last years. So I always thought that making a list would be useful. Especially a list I would go to when I want to spoil myself and one of those I can buy a meaningful present from.

I’ve been organized with all sorts of other stuff, but not with the list of admired brands. Nevertheless, there are a few I check ashamedly often on Instagram, so I just thought I’d be a good idea to mention them here.

NALU Underwear

I recently read Simple Matters, a book that talks about living with less and ending up with more. NALU Underwear, a Romanian lingerie brand that I discovered last year around Christmas, shares the same principle. The principle of living with less, a topic that is now probably one of the most instagrammable trends out there (or at least I wish). The fact is that, as NALU lovingly says, ‘simplicity is not a trend, it is our nature’. A nature that is easily observable in all they bring to life: lingerie, minimalist pleasures, beautiful stories.

The good news is that their lingerie is utterly beautiful. The better news is that they ship worldwide.


I’d say describing NativeBox in one sentence is simple: a food startup that builds healthy habits by delivering healthy snacks to your door. In reality though, it is much more than that! All their snacks are developed together with a nutritionist. They are thought through to respond to all our bodies’ daily needs. Nuts, dried fruits, granola, vegan bars, a large number of options that treat our body with the care it deserves.Their array of snacks is pre-portioned and packed in the most adorable pouches. Zip-locked hence incredibly easy to eat on-the-go. My favorite is Nutri Snack, just adequate for my 4 o’clock “hanger” at the office.


WeDine is not only a culinary adventure, but a vaccine against conventional dining. They blend unconventional locations with eye-charming decor, interesting chefs and diverse people. To my knowledge their events do not happen more than once a month, so no chance they reach “too much”. I’d say the strongest tool they have is to make you curious. And that is because you only find out where you dine on the day of the event itself. A concept already known in Western Europe, still rather new to Bucharest. Explore the beauty of pop-up dining, one month at a time. I went to concept No. 18, Paradiso Perduto.

You cannot imagine how many other beautiful Romanian brands are out there. I just thought I’d keep it simple.

Note: this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are sincere and are my own.

Photos: Tim Arterbury on Unsplash, NALU Underwear, WeDine, corinan

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