Cherries are my biggest spring crush

There’s nothing I’m waiting to eat more. Already starting late August, when watermelons are taking the lead in my dietary (imaginary) notebook, up until early May, when I am literally craving to eat the most beautiful red fruit the world has to offer – cherries. 

I admit going to the market has not yet become one of my habits. Yet there’s a time I would go to the market every single day, and that is throughout the May of cherries.

They’re wonderfully delicious, visibly beautiful, and indisputably healthy. One of the very low-calorie fruits very rich in antioxidants, cherries are one of the reasons spring is my favorite season. And they’re probably the only possible reason I would give up all other kind of food. I feel they’ve never been so popular ever since Instagramming food has become what we can even call a career. They’re probably considered too common to become the popular IT fruit of foodies. There’s not that much info I knew about cherries either, so I started digging while photographing them today. So here are some interesting facts there’s quite a big chance you did not know about cherries:

1. There’s a cherries pit spitting championship

Basically, if spitting (itself) but also spitting cherries is considered impolite, the cherries pit spitting championship rewards those who spit furthest. There are participants, there are rules, there are articles, so there is a contest. Contestants are given three cherries and three chances. They have 60 seconds to eat the cherry (its flesh) and to spit the pit as far as they can.

2. The world’s heaviest cherry was grown in Italy

Who even knew there’s a Guinness world record for that?! Well it seems that Mr. Gerardo Maggipinto grew a 21,69g cherry and joined the Guinness World Record in 2003.

3. A typical cherry tree produces 7000 cherries

And there is a difference of when to harvest them depending on the type. In the last few days of ripening, the sugar content rises significantly. Sweet cherries should be tasted for maturity, whereas sour cherries (my utmost favorites!) will come off the stem when they are ripe enough to be harvested.

4. May 26th is National Cherry Desert Day

And since we clearly don’t celebrate that in Romania (and I just mentioned it to increase the relevancy of my post), a few days delay will not matter. So here’s a delicious cherry pancake desert I believe all of you would enjoy. Not only its taste, but also its easiness of making.

Recipe: Easy Going Pancakes | 15 mins

Ingredients: 1 cup of milk | 1 egg | 1 tbsp cinnamon | 1 cup of flour (I used whole-wheat flour).

Step 1: Whisk milk and egg for a few minutes (don’t over whisk them if you don’t want them too fluffy).

Step 2: Add all other ingredients and mix until smooth. Leave aside for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Pour around 1/3 cups (the equivalent of a large spoon) filling in whatever frying pan you have, 3 at a time.

Here’s the result, around 10 delicious pancakes, sugar free, which you can either enjoy alone or together with honey and cherries on top.

Photos: @corinan

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