Christmas Crafted Gift Guide

Shopping for Christmas presents can be either a joy or a hassle and it all depends on when you start doing it and where do you plan to do it. To help you in the process, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas carefully selected based on one very important criteria: crafted with love to be gifted with love.

For him the almighty:

  • This cool WOLLET that he will never lose (oh, I want it for myself!)
  • The nice cliché: I’ve known NOAH watches for awhile now and I still love them

For the charming her:

  • Lemnia: unique wooden bags in adorable colors
  • NALU underwear: contemporary lingerie with minimalist views and quiet aesthetics. Do not worry, the sexiness is there.

To spoil and be spoiled. The PLAY bodysuit. ♡

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For parents with love:

Holiday season ⭐️ #giftshop #madeinromania #localproducts

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  • Aerium: when plants meet design.

For them curious kids:

Hush, little baby #handmade #pillow #babytoys #makersgonnamake

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For all your dear ones:

  • Woodish for those who love books. and wood.

For when you are Secret Santa:

For your lovely self:

Not to be missed (in Bucharest):




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