DYI Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

It’s been months since I am trying to make my own “perfect” body scrub. And after browsing tons of blogs and websites for info and reviews, I eventually found my inspiration in a book. Last week, during my trip to Copenhagen, I read  “Simple matters”. A book that talks about how living with less actually gives you more. A read perfect for anyone looking to declutter, organize, and simplify their homes and their lives.

One of the things I took from “Simple matters” is how important is to put all things in my home at (better or multiple) use. Even things that would normally go to waste – like coffee grounds. So I thought I’d make my own body scrub, especially since I’ve wanted to buy one for a long time and, with all the variety out there, I hadn’t been able to choose THAT best one. I’ve also tried some DIY, but I admit I’m not the most handy(wo)man out there. And especially with body scrubs, where I never managed to pull something off that would not turn my bathtub into a complete mess.

But now I think I found THE MOST useful BODY SCRUB of them all: Coffee Coconut Ice Cubes.

The key ingredients are now very straightforward, but before getting to the actual recipe, these are the reasons why I absolutely adore them:

  • Already portioned for single use appliances
  • Not perishable (kept in the freezer)
  • They smell deliciously well
  • Double effect: scrubbing & moisturizing
  • Incredibly easy to make

You’ll need 1/2 cups (any cup) of melted coconut oil, 1/2 cups of coffee grounds (as fresh as possible) and one ice cube tray. You combine the 2 ingredients and divide the mixture into the tray. You freeze them overnight and they are ready to use for your morning shower. The caffeine in coffee grounds is a good way to make your skin tighter and firmer. The coconut oil, which I consider one of the world’s superpowers, is an excellent moisturizer. One cube is the perfect size for a full body scrub so everything becomes so much easier. No leftovers, no jar lying in the bathroom for months, no waste. ❤


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I believe taking care of yourself is the only way you can take care of others. Ever since I realized that my life became calmer and happier. Corinan.com is where I write about simple and practical ways you can take care of your body and mind. I spend most of my time working in Marketing and studying to become a Nutrition Consultant. Bits and pieces in between, I paint smoothies, do yoga, and travel the world.

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