DYI Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

It’s been months since I am trying to make my own “perfect” body scrub. And after browsing tons of blogs and websites for info and reviews, I eventually found my inspiration in a book. Last week, during my trip to Copenhagen, I read  “Simple matters”. A book that talks about how living with less actually gives you more. A read perfect for anyone looking to declutter, organize, and simplify their homes and their lives.

One of the things I took from “Simple matters” is how important is to put all things in my home at (better or multiple) use. Even things that would normally go to waste – like coffee grounds. So I thought I’d make my own body scrub, especially since I’ve wanted to buy one for a long time and, with all the variety out there, I hadn’t been able to choose THAT best one. I’ve also tried some DIY, but I admit I’m not the most handy(wo)man out there. And especially with body scrubs, where I never managed to pull something off that would not turn my bathtub into a complete mess.

But now I think I found THE MOST useful BODY SCRUB of them all: Coffee Coconut Ice Cubes.

The key ingredients are now very straightforward, but before getting to the actual recipe, these are the reasons why I absolutely adore them:

  • Already portioned for single use appliances
  • Not perishable (kept in the freezer)
  • They smell deliciously well
  • Double effect: scrubbing & moisturizing
  • Incredibly easy to make

You’ll need 1/2 cups (any cup) of melted coconut oil, 1/2 cups of coffee grounds (as fresh as possible) and one ice cube tray. You combine the 2 ingredients and divide the mixture into the tray. You freeze them overnight and they are ready to use for your morning shower. The caffeine in coffee grounds is a good way to make your skin tighter and firmer. The coconut oil, which I consider one of the world’s superpowers, is an excellent moisturizer. One cube is the perfect size for a full body scrub so everything becomes so much easier. No leftovers, no jar lying in the bathroom for months, no waste. ❤


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5 years ago I started having a different approach to food and wellbeing. I realised I am the only one in charge of my happiness. And it became clear that taking care of myself is the only way that I could ever take care of others. As a certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Consultant, my approach is to pay attention to all aspects of our lives. Be it nutrition, exercise or spirituality, they all complement each other to make the whole. With humbleness and enthusiasm, my intention is to advise, guide and teach you how to live life to its fullest.

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