My intention is to make it regular.

tips and tricks on packing for a month away (very much in need)

a one-hour documentary about Myanmar’s Irrawaddy (ah, soon)

what are the right things to teach?

a complete figs guide with tips on storing and flavor pairings + some cool recipes 

celebrate every day

a small budget play I am glad I went to

the mind of John McPhee (via DoR newsletter), whose Oranges I’m now anxious to read

The Power of Storytelling starts october 16th (Bucharest)


More about Corina

5 years ago I started having a different approach to food and wellbeing. I realised I am the only one in charge of my happiness. And it became clear that taking care of myself is the only way that I could ever take care of others. As a certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Consultant, my approach is to pay attention to all aspects of our lives. Be it nutrition, exercise or spirituality, they all complement each other to make the whole. With humbleness and enthusiasm, my intention is to advise, guide and teach you how to live life to its fullest.

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