Smoothie Morning Routine

As much as I would like to, aside my breakfast smoothie, there is little as a few light dinners per week I get to enjoy at home. Probably this is one of the reasons I started to consider breakfast my most important meal of the day. I have a full time job that I really enjoy, but I never liked the thought of getting up because I have to go to work. This is why I made breakfast time a transition I enjoy to the fullest between yesterday and today. I get up early and, besides brushing my teeth, what I do most often is to blend and photograph a new smoothie.

There is so much joy I take from choosing the ingredients, from tasting the new blend, from making the whole picture set up that I even started waking up earlier just so I’d have the time to do all that.

You don’t need to have fancy ingredients to make a nourishing tasty smoothie. I like to finish all my fruits before I go off and buy new ones so today I just prepared the old fashioned apple-banana smoothie, the only fruits I had at home after finishing all the berries two days ago. I pimped it with some nuts and seeds, mostly because an only-fruit breakfast is simply not enough for me.

For the beauty sake, I decorated today’s smoothie with some edible flowers from Microgreens. Lovely is not enough to describe them 🙂


One ripe banana

A chopped apple

1 tbsp flax-seeds (for their omega 3 fatty acids)
4-5 cashews (for their magnesium content)

4-5 soaked almonds (for their digestive benefits)
filtered water

Blend all ingredients for approx. 2 minutes or until it becomes smooth to your liking. Decorate with edible flowers from Microgreens. Sip and enjoy!

More about Corina

5 years ago I started having a different approach to food and wellbeing. I realised I am the only one in charge of my happiness. And it became clear that taking care of myself is the only way that I could ever take care of others. As a certified Integrative Health & Nutrition Consultant, my approach is to pay attention to all aspects of our lives. Be it nutrition, exercise or spirituality, they all complement each other to make the whole. With humbleness and enthusiasm, my intention is to advise, guide and teach you how to live life to its fullest.

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