3 Instagram accounts I admire

There are probably more Instagram accounts than people living in Europe. The number of Instagram likes per day reach the size of Asia’s population. And the number of uploaded photos per day is bigger that Germany.

Among all this abundance of Instagrammers, there are 3 accounts that I admire and follow daily. They’re not pop stars, nor world class models. They’re normal people that have the ability to outcast their passion for different aspects of life in beautiful forms of visual art.

Local Milk

I just found out her name is Elizabeth Evelyn. Reading her blog’s About is like reading a romantic novel. She works as a freelance stylist, photographer, and recipe developer. That’s pretty much the dream of all food bloggers out there. Her Instagram posts are able to transmit and illustrate beauty with the most incredible easiness and most admirable consistency. Yet I am convinced of the great passion and significantly hard work staying behind every single post. I hope that one day I’ll manage to go to one of these extraordinary retreats she organizes together with other beautiful Instagrammers out there, as I am positive they are not about teaching the art of slow living, but actually living it.

@carolina_ferrer_ & I set this table on the first night of our retreat for a welcome dinner with pink linens I brought with me from Paris and wild olive branches and rosemary foraged from the island. @matthewlud made a feast of olive oil fried local fish, fennel & tomato salad, and blistered green beans with spicy lemon breadcrumbs. I carry my linens with me just about everywhere—they pack up small and light. I source the rest of the things firmly tables locally, using whatever flatware, glassware, and plates I find and styling with whatever wild or interesting things I find. Not every table has to be a veritable wedding or installation. A good pair of scissors and a pink table cloth get me a long way! It's all about making more with less, and creative ways to live and travel light. #chroniclesofthetravelingpinktablecloth #makingmorewithless #livemoremagic #localmilkretreat • • • • #makemoments #chasinglight #liveunscripted #toldwithexposure #acertainslantoflight #finditliveit #acolorstory #socality #darlingmovement #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #nothingisordinary #flashesofdelightful #theartofslowliving #welltravelled #peoplescreative #livecolorfully #darlingweekend #seekthesimplicity #inspiremyinstagram #exploremore #gatheringslikethese #mycommontable #onthetable

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Gretchen Roehrs is one of those artists on Instagram you want to scroll down and see the first post ever. San Francisco based, @groehrs stands out with her fashion illustrations created with minimalist lines of ink and fresh fruits and vegetables. Going through her profile puts a big smile on my face and makes me want to start painting. Sadly and surprisingly, my talent there is rather limited, so luckily I can buy her beautiful prints on her blog.

gazpacho dressing

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Nude Yoga Girl

There’s cute, there’s pretty, there’s beautiful and then there’s… Nude Yoga Girl. 5 weeks after the account was opened it had already gained 90k followers.  No wonder though, scrolling through her photographs feels like visiting an art gallery. This is my utmost favorite picture for which I have already found the perfect place in my home.


As with all other things, I guess it is more than obvious that it’s not just 3 Instagram accounts that I like. All in all, there’s a reason I pressed Follow for every account in my list and there are numerous that inspire me daily. Even as a newbie amateur Instagrammer, I know how much work is behind every post and it’s impressive how people manage to bring their passion to tons of millions of followers in just seconds.

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